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Georgian live television is a public television station, which started in 1970 for the air traffic of the Georgian population. This is a state-owned station that introduces its signals to the whole world, news, educational programs, and society about culture and values. It also operates on two radio stations in Georgia, which offers stories to the low frequency community.

Rustavi 2 is a private aviation station that provides free access to public via air channels, education, including policy, health care, education values ​​and culture. This station was founded in 1994 in the city of Rustavi, which is a state in Georgia. The main goal of this channel was the more unpaid channel for the public, which would promote dissemination of information dissemination of the political status of some stations that were used to analyze the political status of the states.

TV Company "Imedi" was founded in 2001 by media magnate Badri Patarkatsishvili, who was a businessman with a strong political foundation in Georgia since 1970. Mr Badrin started this work, as well as other stations, to educate the public. The existence of several different elements of policy analysis offers free television channels as well.

Tabula TV is the most amazing channel in Georgia that has started in Georgia. It offers everything that the company offers. Some of the applications offered at this station are technical progress, generally explaining how technology develops significant effects across the globe. The advantages of different technology systems are created, as well as programs such as science, which have facts and some fiction, history, wildlife, music, comedy among other stations.

Maestro TV is a television television that started on July 02, 1995. The TV Channel used to present news to the public, but its challenges were not as good as the program offered to investors in the program "Every family in Maestro" There was a new program on educating people in the public needs A. It was generally a marketing strategy for this channel.

Comedic Channel - This is a channel that encompassed the transfer of comics in society. These comic prognoses, as well as other programs that make people smile about hatred, the world, the creation of people, and beyond their particular culture, and these programs could think of human thinking, which made it funny. They also offer educational advice to the society, as well as any other channel launched in Georgia.

All these were TV channels that were able to learn about education in Georgia, easily simplify the news, analyze their state and political status. After communicating these channels in Georgia increased at a higher level.